Story workshops

What’s your story?

For over a decade I’ve been engaging audiences as a playwright and helping other writers do the same. Now I’m offering workshops to help develop those storytelling skills for individuals and business professionals eager to build their character, captivate their audience and live a great story.

For Individuals

This year I’m teaching classes that use creative writing exercises to connect the vivid, unique characters that we are to the stories we want to live.  These stories will help focus, motivate, plan and share our mission for the future. Whether you’re interested in being more articulate when talking about your work, hoping to feel more grounded in a time of change, or just want help reconnecting with your own character and making a plan that feels right for the coming year, reach out.  I want to be a part of your story.  

For Organizations/businesses

In business messaging, boring stories lose clients, job opportunities and the most dynamic employees. Theater artists have been wielding their well-honed skills to captivate and move live audiences for thousands of years. By understanding these techniques you can tell stories that people love, that they’ll share, and that will spark action. Let me know if this sounds right for your company and we can talk more about what this workshop entails.

My Background

As a playwright, my work has been produced at theaters across the country, published by Samuel French and Dramatic Publishing and twice been named a “Critics Pick” by the New York Times. As a story facilitator I’ve led courses and workshops to a diverse group of writers at schools, universities and theaters across the country. Currently I’m teaching courses at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis and McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ in both playwriting and the art of applying storytelling skills to the real world.