Spoon Lake Blues in Alabama

SLBThose of you in the Alabama area this month can check out a production of my play Spoon Lake Blues at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  I’ll be there for a couple of days to check out the show and offer a short workshop.  Can’t wait to see these characters again, I’ve missed them.  If you want more information on this production here’s a link to a local article.

“The Balcony Play” at the ZaCH in Austin

Kelly Matthews and Mike Ferstenfeld rehearsing “The Balcony Play” outside the ZaCH’s Topfer Theatre

“The Balcony Play” is a new short comedy I wrote for the ZaCH Theatre in my new home town of Austin.  The mission was to write a short play to be performed outside the ZaCH’s new Topfer Theatre using the unique architecture outside the entryway to the theatre (which includes a ‘Juliet’ balcony).  What came out of that was a comedic riff on famous stage romances as a young woman stuck on a balcony finds herself wooed by competing suitors from her past and present.  The process has introduced me to some of Austin’s finest comedic talent and has given me a chance to get back to the site-specific work that was such a blast with Catastrophe Theatre Co. in Galway, Ireland.   The show runs through most of April at 7:15 (before Steven Dietz’s new play “Mad Beat Hip and Gone”) and stars Jeff Britt, Mike Ferstenfeld, Kelly Matthews and Kyle Traughber with Steven Wilson directing.  Oh, and it’s free.  Click here for all the dates and times.

Crashing the Party at Mixed Blood

Rose Le Tran in 'Crashing the Party' at Mixed Blood

Crashing the Party is up and running at Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis until March 4th!  And tickets are FREE thanks to the whole Mixed Blood “Radical Hospitality” thing.  We’ve got a great cast and great designers involved and (of course) a brilliant director so the whole process was a blast.  It’s been fun to work on a show that takes a look at the whole mess our country is in from a lot of different perspectives and particularly the way that the american dream changes from one generation to the next.  Plus there are party hats and shotguns.  And did I mention it was free?  Brilliant.