Red State Blue Grass

Josh Wade and Liz Elkins in ‘Red State Blue Grass’ at the Baldwin New Play Festival (Photo: Manuel Rotenberg)

4M, 2F (85 min)

Answering the call of a young idealist’s webpage, five disenchanted Americans decide to start their own country in the mountains of Kentucky.  At first their newfound freedom sparkles with exciting possibilities, but what begins as a peaceful commune soon devolves into hilarious mayhem as each of its members connive to create their own personal utopia.

A sharp-eyed satire… Tightly and cleverly structured madcap romp.”    – Union Tribune San Diego

Production History: 

Baldwin New Play Festival, UCSD Department of Theatre and Dance, April 2007.  (Directed by Sarah Rasmussen)

(Reading) Theatre Row, New York.  Sponsored by Alliance Theatre, GA.  Nov. 2007.  (Directed by Peter DuBois)

AiShangChu Theatre, Hong Kong, July 2010.